Welcome Party 2020

Dear freshmen, welcome to University of Tsukuba.

In Yui Project, we are working to research and develop a super-small spacecraft, CubeSat. Usually, we'd hold annual events like various orientation or a welcome-party, but this year, as the national emergency alert goes on, we had no choice but to cancel or postpone these events. Some events, however, is going to be made online. Check it out in this homepage, or our Twitter!

What's Yui Project?

We are working together to develop a cubesat in Yui Project. This isn't a circle, but a laboratory where we are given research funds from the university. So far, we made two spacecrafts, ITF-1 and ITF-2. ITF-1 wasn't so successful, but ITF-2 made it the longest-survived spacecraft among these of the same size thrown into the space from ISS. Currently, we are developping the third version, ITF-3.

Where's the laboratory?

総合研究棟B(Laboratory of Advanced Research B)1228