WARP-01 (en)


WARP-01 is a Ultra-small artificial satellite developed by Warpspace inc. and Yui Project, Univ. of Tsukuba.WARP-01 is 1U CubeSat, which dimensions are 108mm x 110mm x 113.5mm and its weight 0.927kg. In 2021 , WARP-01 will be deployed from ISS Japanese Experimental Module 'Kibo'.External views of WARP-01 are below.


[Figure 1] WARP-01 External View1(Antenna Stowed Configuration)


[Figure 2] WARP-01 External View2(Antenna Stowed Configuration)


[Figure 3] WARP-01 External View (Antenna Deployed and Camera and Sensors Stowed Configuration)


WARP-01 has the following five missions.

  1. To demonstrate satellite bus components in space

    Tsukuba Univ and WARPSPACE Inc have developed new and cheap satellite bus components, UHF communication module, electric power supply module, on board computer module with GPS receiver IC, and aluminum chassis. WARP-01 will demonstrate these new components in space.

  2. To carry wedding memorial plates to space

    WARP-01 will carry some wedding memorial plates made by titanium to space.

  3. To take pictures of the earth and space

    After deployment and left from the ISS, WARP-01 will deploy the panel attached camera and sensors, and take pictures of the earth and space.

  4. To survey the radiation environment in space

    WARP-01 will demonstrate radiation sensor and survey the radiation environment in space. Specifically, the sensor has micro SD card to observe SEU(single event upset) caused by beta ray.

  5. To survey the radio environment in space

    WARP-01 will demonstrate SDR (software defined radio) and survey the radio environment in space. Specifically, SDR will receive 430MHz amateur radio band and analyze the radio field intensity.

Radio Frequency and SDR

The RF/SDR subsystem of WARP-01 consists of two communication boards, one SDR, two antennas.

For communication boards, it has two boards, named “COM” and “MIS-COM”. Both Boards are same designed.COM is used for TLM/CMD communication. MIS-COM is used for mission data communication. Communication board uses only monopole antenna. The following table shows configuration of a communication board.

Frequency band Downlink/uplink: 437.425MHz band
Type of radio wave CW:
Type of antenna Downlink/uplink: 437.425MHz band 1/4λ monopole
Communication protocol CW:
Morse code
AX. 25
Data rate CW:
Max 48kbps

[Figure 4] Configration of the Communication boad

How to receive signal form WARP-01

WARP-01's signal can be received using an amateur radio band. The downlink information for WARP-01 can be found at the following link. The callsign of WARP-01 is "JQ1ZTK".