JQIZOI is just for ham radio QSO, not for satellite control.

We often operates at V/U or HF(mainly 7MHz).

~Here is some information about our station~

Also, we have many handy or mobile rig.

About HF-dipole

Without 7MHz band, HF dipole can't hear any oversea stations. This may be come from 4 or 5 antennas around HF dipole.

About Ultra small plane antenna

This antenna takes just 30mmX60mmX5mm space and is able to transmit or recieve any frequency from both VHF&UHF band.

Much detail will be written in later article.Please have a look at the article coming soon.

Our facebook page will provide you some recent information about us.

JR1ZTT is the other HAM club station at University of Tsukuba. Two of project members are belonging to both group.